What We Do

We are the world's first Blockchain-based Family Tree and Obituary Network.


Around the world, traditional obituaries have not changed and are all disconnected into separate publications, so you would normally have to search several sources like local newspapers or social media to read about them. This has not changed for decades.

We believe in a web where you can trust data itself without needing to trust who is holding it, or have to keep paying fees and accept their terms. To make this future a reality, we have built a network for everyone to have their own online identity whether it’s while they are living as individuals, family trees, or as memorials left for loved ones.

When it's time, we list the obituaries on our dedicated network according to country, region, city, religion etc. and as per requested by the families and friends.

(You do not need to buy or hold any type of cryptocurrency to use blockchain obituaries.)


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